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New Build Homes

Colorado Springs is officially one of the fastest growing and most desirable cities in the U.S. To keep up with the demand for Colorado Springs real estate, new build homes can be found absolutely everywhere. While some cities may offer cheap, cookie cutter homes for sale, Colorado builders but extra time and effort into each new community and neighborhood. Craftsmanship is at the heart of all new build Colorado Springs homes for sale, so you won’t find any bland styles here. Local and national home builders outdo each other with each new community they establish, so if you’re a homebuyer in the market for a Colorado Springs new build home, you’re in luck. Whether you’re looking for a easy move-in or a custom home, let our team help you all along the way.


New homes in Colorado Springs don’t just feature the latest styles and architecture, but they also offer eco-friendly designs, energy-efficient touches, and more that truly set them apart from older homes. With nearly one quarter of the homes for sale in Colorado Springs being new build homes, there are no shortage of options and locations to choose from.  If you think a new home is out of your budget, it’s probably not, as new homes for sale in Colorado Springs start as low as $200,000. For more features and space, your options are even more plentiful. Colorado Springs real estate is the best investment you can make right now, and our team is ready to help you get started.


Nearly 20 percent of military homebuyers choose new construction homes. When you’re relocating every few years, you don’t have time for things like remodels and extended maintenance. Choosing a new build home as a military homebuyer just makes the most sense, and we’re experts in helping you pick the right one.

There are also these great factors to consider:

-It makes more financial sense. With a VA loan, most buyers can borrow up to $417,000 with $0 down. New home warranties will cover most of the big fixes in the first few years, if there are any, and you won’t have to worry about renovations or fixes to improve the home’s value if or when it’s time to sell.

-You can find a great deal. Occasionally, a nearly finished custom new home will become available when a buyer drops out for whatever reason. The builder quickly needs a new buyer, so they’re usually willing to offer discounts on the home to help it sell.  

-It’s ideal for injured vets, as they can work directly with the builder to create an adaptive home from the ground up, rather than trying to retrofit an older home.


The short answer is yes! Especially for military homebuyers, having a real estate agent is the best idea because they’re familiar with the Colorado Springs area and will have a working relationship with local builders. This means you’ll know about the newest homes before they hit the market, getting you a better deal with less hassle. Realtors, like the ones on our team, who specialize in military relocations also know the ins and outs of how VA loans work, so they can use that information to your advantage in real estate and loan negotiation. You’ve got nothing to lose and everything to gain working with a military relocation real estate agent.

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New Build Homes for Sale in Colorado Springs

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